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Project for Awesome

Heya! It's been a while! I know, I know I haven't been around lately, or really at all. And I suck. So in the spirit of returning and Christmas I thought I'd come back with something positive (no not an update unfortunately). In fact it's not even Sims Related. But don't tune out just yet! In the spirit of the Holidays I wanted to just put a quick note here to draw your attention to The Project For Awesome.

Some of you may already know about this, for those of you who don't Project For awesome is annual Charity Drive started by the amazing vlogbrothers on Youtube.

All over Youtube for the next couple of days there will be Project for Awesome Videos. You don't have to donate money (though you can either directly to the charities or by buying Raffle tickets for any number of weird and wonderful objects) but I'd just encourage you if you have a couple of minutes to watch the videos, comment on them to get them trending on twitter and in the most viewed on Youtube and Raise awareness that way.

I'm not involved in P4A in any significant or active way, as I am not a Youtubber, but I do think it's an awesome project and as a card carrying nerd fighter I want to give it a shout out here and make what little contribution to it I can, without being preachy because that is definitely not the intention and I am certainly in no position to talk about Charities compared to so many wonderful people I know who do give back!

So yeah, that's my two cents and I will be back with a real LJ entry in the near future, but for the time being, please enjoy two (out of many) of the P4A videos I have enjoyed so far:


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Scarlett Pisarek
Mar. 17th, 2013 12:27 am (UTC)
Are you coming back?
Hey, are you ever going back to your story? It was so good and I'd love to see it complete.
(no subject) - evdokia17248 - Nov. 16th, 2016 11:55 pm (UTC) - Expand
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