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Project for Awesome

Heya! It's been a while! I know, I know I haven't been around lately, or really at all. And I suck. So in the spirit of returning and Christmas I thought I'd come back with something positive (no not an update unfortunately). In fact it's not even Sims Related. But don't tune out just yet! In the spirit of the Holidays I wanted to just put a quick note here to draw your attention to The Project For Awesome.

Some of you may already know about this, for those of you who don't Project For awesome is annual Charity Drive started by the amazing vlogbrothers on Youtube.

All over Youtube for the next couple of days there will be Project for Awesome Videos. You don't have to donate money (though you can either directly to the charities or by buying Raffle tickets for any number of weird and wonderful objects) but I'd just encourage you if you have a couple of minutes to watch the videos, comment on them to get them trending on twitter and in the most viewed on Youtube and Raise awareness that way.

I'm not involved in P4A in any significant or active way, as I am not a Youtubber, but I do think it's an awesome project and as a card carrying nerd fighter I want to give it a shout out here and make what little contribution to it I can, without being preachy because that is definitely not the intention and I am certainly in no position to talk about Charities compared to so many wonderful people I know who do give back!

So yeah, that's my two cents and I will be back with a real LJ entry in the near future, but for the time being, please enjoy two (out of many) of the P4A videos I have enjoyed so far:

'cause that's just how I roll

It probably tells you everything you need to know about me that I only just started packing up this flat with less than 24 hours left to live in it because I spent all day under the weather and under the covers with Deathly Hallows feeling sorry for myself in a way that has had at least 3 different people accuse me of having Man Flu. To this I respond, that if I had man flu I would have bailed on work, and missed the joy of working the Lehman Brothers Sale with a power cut in South Ken, much like the male coworker who did bail on work claiming he had the flu and left us one down. Working in the dark without internet. It was all very...retro?

Also probably tells you a lot that in the process of this packing I have packed my books (which have a suitcase all to themselves even though the only books I have are the ones I've bought since moving to the UK) far far more carefully than my (non work which are getting moved over with borderline religious care because I need to not have to dry clean them again) clothes. Turns out clothes can just be thrown in a suitcase. This fact will be carefully concealed of course when parents arrive with the car to move second batch of stuff over after this batch has been unpacked (no they're not just driving up for me, turns out the little brother is not so little anymore and is starting University this week...weird)

In other news the purpose of this post: New Flat does not have internet yet, probably won't for a week or so. Wouldn't for a lot longer than that if I were left to figure that out. Fortunately I'm not in charge of things, so there will eventually be some form of internet. However there will be Radio silence until it is sorted. 

Also in new flat I have a weeping angel outside my window. Literally. Her name is Florence. Not Bob. Flo, for short. So if you don't hear from me for longer than a week it's possible I've been sent to the past to a time before the internet. So that would explain that... In which case I might be gone a while.

See you all on the other side!

Thoughts from the workplace...

1) People who have enough money to bid on a £70,000 Damien Hirst, should also have enough brains to not need to email me to ask what the London - New-York Time difference is.

2) Apparently all it takes is for you to answer one email to be adopted by a client/a department. Particularly if they're french.

3) Don't start telling lies about "the girl who took your bids" to the girl who took your bids, even if you don't realize it's the same person. First of all she was there when it happened, second of all she spent twenty minutes tracking down the recorded phone call log listening to it carefully and yes she is definitely sure that you said the wrong lot number, she didn't write it down wrong.

4) No I don't know who you are actually, I'm new. Though the tone you have just asked me that question in suggests that you at least seem to think you're very important, that makes one of us.

5) PAs who are competant and not scared of their bosses and not gripped with dellusions of grandeur are few and far between.

6) You're calling me to complain about the fact that there is no number printed in our catalogue to call. Am I the only one who sees the flaw fine Glaswegian Gentleman?

7) It's a little creepy to tell me I sound like your first girlfriend of 50 years ago and then quiz me on what her name was.

8) Thank god Lauren is back tomorrow, two phones and a fax machine are a bit much for one girl to handle. And I will definitely be on line again more starting soon, now that I am in the rhythm and am going to get my coworker returned to me.

9) Also an ongoing war with the mouse in my apartment means I haven't been sleeping very well. You may say that I am paranoid for leaving a light on overnight but I know it is in the walls plotting against me.

10) Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes! I appear to be 22! Yikes! Also my family was here. I managed to avoid seeing resident Evil 4 in the 3D. But I did get to see David Suchet in Arthur Miller's "All my Sons" and a pretty awesome performance of Henry IV Part I (Although I maintain the Globe does a lot of the work when it comes to a play being awesome when it's there even if it isn't the most comfort friendly theatre ever built, I know shocker).  Since I've already seen Henry V, I am now just missing the middle part of the trilogy (I also saw Star Wars out of order somehow...shush, it's a valid comparaison).

11) Hi!

12) What's up with you?

13) Yeah these totally aren't organized points!


Happy Birthday Di!

Happy Birthday lovely dicreasy hope you have a really great day! I (finally) fixed by photoediting software and I figured that for your birthday I would make you a little piece of Sim Art inspired by Frederick Lord Leighton's Flaming June (Preview Here) Hope you enjoy and have a great birthday! :)

More Meme! Favourite Spares Edition!

I'm awake! And on and on the tagging continues! Ten facts is actually a lot harder than it sounds,so this completely counts as my effort for the weekend. Aaaanyway, I was tagged to do Journey by widget_sims  and Saffron by smoothiesims 

So here we go, 10 facts each on my two favourite spares. Actually...I say that but Saffron isn't really a spare. I mean she is, but she isn't. She's still more heiress than sparess, albeit abdicated heiress. She's in the same category as Aria, who is a spare but whose role as Villain supercedes sparedom...I'm rambling already and I haven't even got to the facts yet! Moving swiftly onwards:

Don't stop believing Mellow Yellow!Collapse )

Meme! Boys who finger gun edition!

Why do I not have a Turner icon! This is clearly unacceptable and shall have to be fixed sometime in the near future. Until then have a shot of the boy finger gunning!


So, I was tagged twice more, once by ndainye  for Turner and once by regacylady for Finch. Two naked hot tubbing, finger gunning, no shirt wearing boys from different generations. Here you go!

Boys Boys Boys! Facts, Facts, Facts!Collapse ) I've totally lost track of tagging at this point so bear with me here:

orikes13 Miranda
simtopi Wesley
themorganlegacy Brighton
dicreasy Stanley
smoothiesims Harry

Or not! Or yes! Whatever you fuys feel like! And anyone else who wants to!

Happy Birthday Gin!


Happy Birthday gintasticnecat ! Since I have been having a fight with PSP for the better part of all day, three reinstalls later I'm afraid I had to resort to Photobucket-ness to make you a card! So Happy Birthday my dear, may the fairies bring some electricity back into your life soon!

I FLAIL! And Meme!



*hem* But since I am jazzed up from bouncing around London wearing a Media Pass and pretending that I am Media I thought I would do something constructive like the 10 things Meme simtopi  tagged me in for Aria. (I did the "who do I write like" Meme earlier in the week and got Dan Brown which, as an Art Historian, made me cross naturally...)

Onto the MemeCollapse )

Happy Birthday Pen!


Happy Birthday penguingirl03 ! I sent your boy and his girls up to Antartica with TARDIS Air to help you celebrate. Next time I'll remember to dress them a little more appropriately for the weather :) Have a lovely day!
I haven't done a sim_scenes  in a while because I've sort of been busy, but this week's prompt words were way too perfect, and I knew I had to do one for Aria. This can pretty much be considered as canon any time predating Snow's Death. You'll have to forgive all the psychotically weird angles and close ups. As always any con crit is welcome :) Enjoy! (I would put up a warning for violence and some sexual content, but being that it's Aria I'll assume that's implicit)

Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce-que c'est!Collapse )



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